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  • APC Electric Driving of Berlinlasers Red Dot Laser Alignment
    I would have to recommend users the most advance dot measuring tool of economy red dot laser alignment from Berlin It is a very easy operating dot projecting tool, only after its connection with external DC input power supply, it can easily get continuous red laser dot positioning for all industrial inspection and precise machinery processing works efficiently. This red laser alignment is employ import 650nm red laser diode, which is not only keeping its highly stable red laser dot positioning, but also enables the most cost competitive selection among all available dot measuring solutions.
    This red dot laser alignment gets the highest output power of 100mW. However, owing to the most special configured APC, ACC electric driving circuit board, it gets constant electric current for internal part of red laser module. With the constant temperature increasing, laser beam stability is not affected by selecting output power and working environment. Users only need to make very simple screw of red laser alignment head part, it can easily get high performance red laser dot positioning easily and clearly.
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